WordPress Installation using MS Webmatrix

webmatrix is a free and lightweight programming device propelled by Windows to download various applications. This product is just for Window clients. It is extremely simple to download WordPress from Webmatrix. You can make a site on WordPress utilizing Webmatrix very easily.

Steps to install WordPress

  • Download and Install Webmatrix
  • Open installed Webmatrix
  • Opening App Gallery
  • Choosing Web Application
  • Selecting Database
  • Selecting Password and admin name
  • Start Insatallation
  • Installation complete
  • Running site first time
  • Entering information

Download and Install Webmatrix

Download Webmatrix in your system with the following link

Look at the above depiction, you will see this kind of record getting downloaded. This is a document with .exe extension.

On opening this document, you'll be coordinated to the accompanying window.

webmatrix2 Look at the above snapshot, on the top right search for Webmatrix. Now, click on add button in front of Microsoft Webmatrix 3. This button will be converted into Remove icon. Now click on install. webmatrix3

Look at the above snapshot, click on I agree to start installation.

Look at the above snapshot, all the servers are getting installed.