WordPress Categories

Here, we'll perceive how to include categorys. By tapping on a category, client will almost certainly observe the posts recorded under that category.

What is a category

Categories enable a client to separate its content into various segments. Various points publishing in a solitary site can be isolated into various categories. It tells the peruser what a post is about and they can without much of a stretch locate their content from a lot.

If no class is included, at that point as a matter of course category is uncategorized. To get to category area click Posts > Categories Wordpress Wordpress categories1

Look at the above snapshot, this is the category section.

How to add categories

Wordpress Wordpress categories2

Look at the above depiction, there are four fields to be filled while including another category.

Name - Name of classification which must be remarkable

Slug - It is utilized in the URL to show your classification. For instance, in the event that your classification is Clothing and slug is women, at that point your URL will resemble shopping.com/shop/women.

Parent - Here, you can add sub-classifications to a classification or you can pick none. This is optional.

Description - Descriptions are discretionary. You can add a concise depiction to your category.

After filling all the above sections, click on Add New Category catch. On the correct side of the page your new class will be added.

Wordpress Wordpress categories3

Look at the above snapshot, our new category clothing is added in the category list.

How to Edit Category

To edit a category, go to Posts > Categories. Hover your mouse to the category you want to edit.

Wordpress Wordpress categories4

How to Delete Category

You can likewise erase classifications from the above preview. By erasing a class, its posts won't be erased rather they will be exchanged to as a matter of course classification (if that post won't be recorded under some other category).

Please recall you can't erase a naturally class, before erasing it appoint as a matter of course status to some other category.

How to Convert Category into Tag

Categories and labels both are various things in WordPress. Classifications are areas while labels are catchphrases. WordPress give you n alternative to change classification into tag and tag into category.

Go to Tools > Import, following screen will appear.

Wordpress Wordpress categories5

Look at the above depiction, there is a choice of Categories and Tags Converter. It is requesting establishment. Snap on Install Now button.

Wordpress Wordpress categories6

Look at the above snapshot, after installation click on Run Importer.

Wordpress Wordpress categories7

Look at the above snapshot, you can select any option either to convert categories to tags or tags to categories.