WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Both the sites are a piece of WordPress. Just difference is about "who is facilitating your website".


WordPress.com is where you don't need to do anything. All the creating work will be taken care of itself. You don't need to buy software, oversee web server or pay for hosting.

There are a few constraints with this site. For instance, as a matter of course your domain name incorporates wordpress.com, you can't adjust your site's coding, transfer any themes or plugins. Your site will be free for the lifetime, yet you need to pay to redesign it for more specifications.

Upgrades likewise enable you to utilize a custom domain like you can utilize anything as the area. Further upgradation likewise improves appearance of your site, transfer recordings or photographs and numerous more.

Your site will be verified and spam free as it will be under WordPress security. You just need to sign in and pick your blog name and spotlight on your content.

This webpage is favored by everybody except generally bloggers, picture takers, craftsmen, etc.


WordPress.org is where you need to deal with your very own blog or site. You can discover free WordPress programming and introduce on your web server.

It gives full control and opportunity over your site including the WordPress programming. The vast majority of the WordPress grandstand locales are made on self hosting.

With full control it likewise puts full duty of the site upon the client. From specialized managing to security issues each and everything must be overseen by the client itself.

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

Features WordPress.com WordPress.org
Definition Fully host version Self host version
Cost Charges required for upgradation No charges for upgradation
Freedom and limitations Include more limitations Include less limitation
Maintenance No duty to keep up the site All duties goes ahead user
Advantage Security and reinforcements are provided You need to discover a host to give reinforcement and security
Themes Choose a topic and use it with the assistance of custom design Need to introduce custom topics at that point use it with PHP and CSS
Plugins Plugin highlights are included Need to introduce module to include functionality
Registration Registration is required on WordPress.com No enrollment is required on WordPress.org