WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard enables full access to deal with a site in the background. It is the default page in administrator board which comes directly after the login page. It for the most part speaks to everything that is going on with your blog. You can check everything here identified with your post. It gives you the updates about your site. On the off chance that you need to change your secret word or change any sort of setting this is where you have to come.

All the substance of dashboard is assembled into gadgets. You can be conceal/demonstrate these gadgets according to your prerequisite. Their positions can likewise be changed utilizing intuitive action.

Wordpress Dashboard1 Look at the above snapshot, this is the login page for WordPress. After filling information click on Log In button, you will be directed to Dashboard screen which is shown below. wprdpress dashboard2

The above snapshot is the dashboard of WordPress.

We'll explain following points from the dashboard.

  • Admin bar
  • Sidebar Menu
  • Welcome to WordPress
  • At a Glance
  • Activity
  • Quick Draft
  • WordPress News
  • Screen Options

Admin Bar

The dark bar at the top speaks to administrator bar. It possibly shows when administrator is signed in. That is the reason this is called administrator bar. Wordpress Dashboard3

Look at the above preview, this is the administrator bar shown at our account.

It contains the accompanying items:

  • A WordPress symbol - It contains data about WordPress, WordPress.org, documentation, etc.
  • Home of your site - It conveys you to the Home page of your site
  • Notifications - All the notices will be appeared. We have 5 notices here.
  • Comments - Display remarks on your blog where you can alter, answer or erase a comment.
  • New - You can include another page, post, media or user.
  • Admin name - It is shown at the correct end of the administrator bar appearing in client name (as of now signed in client name is JTP). You can alter your profile and Logout from here.

Sidebar Menu

Wordpress Dashboard4

Look at the above preview, it is the side menu of the dashboard which contains full menu of alternatives. These choices enable simple access to various zones of your site.

A sub-menu rundown may show up on choosing a choice. Like here we have indicated sub-menu rundown of Appearance.

Menu content:

Dashboard - Display got updates

Posts - Manage posts on your blog

Media - Manage media content library like pictures, sound and video

Pages - making and overseeing pages

Comments - show every one of the remarks on your blog

Appearance - change the presence of your site

Plugins - expand abilities of the site and oversee them

Users - demonstrates all your site's clients. Permits altering your site by changing secret word and name

Tools - setting of website

Welcome to WordPress

At a Glance

Wordpress Dashboard6


This widget provides you information about some of your recent posts. It displays the recent comment on your post.

Look at the above snapshot, there is one recent comment in our activity widget.

On doing hover with mouse at a comment, different actions appear below the comment like editing, deleting, replying, etc.

Wordpress Dashboard8

Quick Draft

Wordpress Dashboard8

Quick draft widget is a way through which you can write your ideas and save it in a draft form. Later you can write a blog on it.

WordPress News

Wordpress Dashboard10

This widget displays latest blog posts from the WordPress official blogs. Look at the top right corner if you'll click on this arrow, this widget will hide.

Screen Options

Wordpress Dashboard11

As you already know each of the widget can be enabled and disabled in your dashboard area. To do so, there is Screen Options widget which allows you to enable or disable different widgets.

You can also minimize or drag a widget according to your need.